An island that has gone the birds ? (and bird photographers ! ) Who wants to join me on a photo expedition in Norway ?

I had not really thought much about bird watching and photography until the summer of 2013, that is when I visited a tiny island off the north east coast of Norway, the island is called Hornøya and it is just offshore from the small fishing town of Vardø and can only be accessed two times per day by small boat from Vardø harbor. The only habitable structure is a lighthouse where you can rent a bunk bed for how ever many days you wish to stay and it has a kitchen but one rule is, you must bring your own food and water, the water that is stored in large plastic tanks outside is just for washing your dishes and you hands, though there is a shower in one of the bathrooms, it is possible it may not work or if it does, it will probably be a cold shower, do not drink the water ! The lighthouse is also used by researchers and students from universities in Norway, so it is possible you could share the space with others or in some cases you could be all alone there, as I was for one night. Other than the lighthouse, the island is simply for the birds, literally. Hornøya, which translates into English as Horn Island, is a spring and summer home to thousands of migratory sea birds that make very long journeys to come breed at Hornøya under the midnight sun. The island is very popular with bird watchers and bird photographers from all around the globe. During my two day stay, I was so lucky to get up close to puffins and several other species of sea birds. At the time I only used my iPhone camera and a Sony WX1 point and shoot. After that experience I had thought that eventually I would like to return to Hornøya some day, when I maybe had a better camera and a tripod. Now in 2017, I have a much better camera and a tripod so I will need to visit the island again soon. For the time being I thought I would practice photographing birds in Finnish Lapland, so far this spring, this guy (in the photo) was the best capture I managed while on a road trip around Lapland in April 2017, no better time than now to start photographing wildlife !

Who would be interested in joining me either this June or July or in May through July of 2018, for a photo expedition of North Norway, with a stop at Hornøya for a day or two ?

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