Welcome to the blog space of Greg EVOL Goudey aka Evol Expeditions

I am an American dude from California who has moved to Finland in 2015. I have for much most of my life been a dreamer of dreams and full of curiosity about life, the world, and why we humans do the things we do, myself included. I have lived many of my dreams simply because I have fierce determination to fulfil all of my dreams, as they come to my mind. Some have called me stubborn and absurdly opinionated and perhaps this is true but for the most part, I think my close friends would say they would not want me to be any other way. In my life I have played many roles, I’ve been a rock star, in my hometown anyway, a world traveling club dj, a world traveling nomad, a music producer, a stagehand and now I happen to currently be a host, tour guide and aurora borealis photographer for a magnificent resort of aurora cabins in the far north of Finnish Lapland. This dynamic life I have carved out for myself has given me a very big view of the world and us humans and nature. I have formulated endless opinions of my own and I have long found many different avenues of expressing these opinions, ideas and experiences. Now at the ripe age of 45, I have finally taken the advice of my wife and a few friends and have decided I would find a blog space to write about THE BEST OF THE BEST, subjectively of course !

welcome to my first blog site


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