What do you want to know about northern lights in Lapland ?

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September Nights 2018

September 8/9 - 2018 Lapland Finland : Myself and the owner of Helios Tour (my employer) took ten wonderful folks out to one of my favorite locations to wait for the northern lights. We had a good night right away. We spotted some aurora action at just around 10pm, the sun had not even set... Continue Reading →

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So here we go after several months away from this blog page, I have something to go on about. Something that has brought some fresh new life into my life, into my quest to deliver exceptional photographs of places and things that my eyes fancy. I have recently returned to Finland after two months of... Continue Reading →

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So you want to see The Aurora Borealis ?

After a good 4 years of searching northern skies for the elusive and etherial Aurora Borealis, in locations from Alaska to Iceland, North Norway to Swedish Lapland, and lastly Finland’s Lapland region, I hit the motherload of opportunity when in November 2016 I landed a very exclusive job opportunity in Ivalo Finland. By a very small... Continue Reading →

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